JET Pro for Active Wear Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" - 50 Sheets - Aribella Collection


JET Pro for Active Wear Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" - 50 Sheets

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50 sheets of Neenah JET Pro® for Active Wear Heat Transfer Paper for White and Light Colored Fabrics. Designed for the heat transfer of photos and images using ink jet printers to light colored synthetic garments including stretchy performance fabrics. On synthetic fibers, this product has superior wash fastness and almost no hand.

Mirror the image. 
Load the paper so that the image will appear on the coated side of the paper.
Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer if desired.
Transferring Using a Heat Press:
Place the transfer on top of the garment with the image side down (backing paper is facing you).
Press 20 to 25 seconds at 375°F using heavy pressure. Lower temperatures and times may produce better results on some fabrics.
Remove paper while still hot in a smooth even motion. The fabric will be very hot, please use caution.
For best "hand" stretch the garment immediately after application. 
Product is not recommended for 100% cotton.

Hand iron application is not recommended.

Instructions will be included.

Will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

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